Apparel CAD software developed by TORAY ACS is the most popular in Japan. Its powerful functions and easy-to-understand interface have been highly rated by well-known companies such as Uniqlo, MUJI, ONWARD and Mizuno. A strong "partner" in the apparel industry all along.


3D brings accurate visualisation of garment design in real detail

Shorten the process    Save costs    Increase efficiency



Using 3D can significantly reduce sample production times, reducing 6-8 hours on average for one sample, saving 1/3 of the cost and increasing efficiency by 30%.

Variety of 3D patternmaking functions

Layer addition
Pleats width change
Silhouette change with fabric change(thinness and thickness)
Neck points adjustment to balance the shape

Realistic 3D designs with 3DCG software
  3D rotating displays Customized graphics scenes  

The 3D CG is created by Toray's 3D pattern making software and “KeyShot®”, the rendering software.

*KeyShot is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Luxion, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.



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